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The Community Flood Resilience Task Force (CFRTF) is a multidisciplinary, community-driven 17–member body established to advise Harris County on equitable flood resilience planning and projects that take into account the needs and priorities of communities.

Established by Harris County Commissioners Court in 2020, the seventeen members of the CFRTF are committed to serving the community and represent the geographic, gender, age, racial, and ethnic diversity of Harris County.

The purpose of the CFRTF is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Infrastructure Resilience Team (IRT), relevant County Department staff, and the Commissioners Court on Harris County’s flood resilience planning efforts and activities. They strive to promote collaboration among stakeholders and encourage equitable resilience planning efforts and flood resilience projects.


The Task Force stands ready to provide what only they can—community-based subject matter expertise and lived experience that is critical to Harris County creating a comprehensive, innovative, and community-driven plan for resilience for 2050 and into the future. We hope that these efforts usher in a new way of thinking about flood prevention, mitigation, resilience, and equity for all Harris County communities.

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Over the last year the Task Force has worked to honor the directive from Commissioners Court and establish itself as an effective and well-regarded advisory body for Harris County. We have elevated the voices of our members to leverage both technical expertise and lived experience to build the collective capacity of the entire Task Force. We believe that these efforts have created a group that is well-positioned to impactfully shape Harris County’s flood Resilience efforts going forward.